Choosing a waterfront property can be a little more complicated than just a beautiful view.

From canal depths and widths to actual trip time to reach the open waters of Charlotte Harbor or the Gulf, We have your answers with over 25 years of local marine contracting experience with a marine consultant on staff.

  • Dock and boat lift construction can be expensive at times.  It stands to reason that all subterraneous conditions are not the same. 
  • Some of our local waterways are composed of very different terrain and may require the penetration of rock when installing or extending a dock.
  • Installation of piling, docks, and boat lifts can be achieved, but only with expensive drilling equipment. It pays well to know which properties are going to incur these additional fees.

Making a home purchase shouldn’t have surprise elements when upgrading your personal boating needs.

Knowing of possible costs on this matter can be reflected in your offer so as not to set you back in the future of your waterfront upgrades.

 The right information could save you 10,000.00 easily.

Waterfront Specialist with a marine construction consultant on staff

I specialize in beachfront and waterfront property with a marine consultant on staff offering a direct line of low-cost high-quality boat lifts, docks, and seawalls with over 25 years of waterway and canal information of our waterfront communities from Punta Gorda Isles to South Gulf Cove and Boca Grande.

From trip times to the harbor, canal depths, and answers to your dock and boatlift questions when considering waterfront homes are just a phone call away.

  1. Will my boat fit on this dock and lift?
  2. What is the largest size boat that can fit on this water-frontage?
  3. Can this lift be modified to accommodate a sailboat?
  4. How much will it cost?
  5. What is the condition of the seawall and existing dock and pilings?

I am the only agent that can get you answers in real-time when touring waterfront homes with a leading expert in the field.

This value-added service has proven instrumental for  waterfront  buyers and sellers alike by :

  • Establishing the value of an existing dock/lift set-up
  • Evaluate the condition of the existing  dock, lift, and seawall
  • Cost to add or modify or expand an existing dock/ lift  set up to fit your boat
  • Determine what size boat can fit on the existing waterfront 
  • Does the canal  have the width and depth to navigate your boat safely

"One of the biggest assets Tamina has is being married to a dock and boat lift specialist, so she was able to use his expertise to look at the lot and see if it could accommodate my boat and evaluate the condition of the seawall and costs involved to repair and recommended a cost-effective design and lift to utilize the existing dock while touring one of the homes,  which at first glance, we were ruling out this property because the existing dock and lift could not accommodate our boat."

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Let me put my expertise to work for you!

    Peter Aratari  

Marine  Construction Consultant      941-258-7888

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Did you know the City maintains the waterfront seawalls in Punta Gorda Isles?  

This was a considerable saving and provided peace of mind to our waterfront residents when Hurricane Irma swept in and damaged 15 miles of seawalls.  The response from the city was swiftly accessing the damage along with implementing a remediation and replacement plan. 

"The cost to replace a seawall according to Peter Aratari with Marine Contracting Group can be quite substantial, and most insurance will not cover the cost for repair or replacement of a seawall." 

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