Luxury Waterfront Specialist with a Marine Construction Consultant on staff.

Whether you are buying or selling, my knowledge and insights into the Southwest Florida real estate market allow me to keep you current on property values and trends to assist you in making informed real estate decisions. 

I specialize in beachfront and waterfront property with a marine consultant on staff offering a direct line of low-cost high-quality boat lifts, docks, and seawalls with over 25 years of waterway and canal information of our waterfront communities from Punta Gorda Isles to South Gulf Cove and Boca Grande.

From trip times to the harbor, canal depths, and answers to your dock and boat-lift questions when considering waterfront homes are just a phone call away

  • Will my boat fit on this dock and lift?
  • What is the largest size boat that can fit on this waterfront?
  • Can this lift be modified to accommodate a sailboat?
  • How much will it cost?

I am the only agent who can get you answers in real-time when touring waterfront homes with a leading expert in the field.

My expertise lies in implementing dynamic, strategic marketing campaigns driving record sales in today's ever-changing marketplace for sellers and positioning buyers ahead of the crowd to win the best deals on the market.

For sellers, my approach leverages the RIGHT marketing mix of media with the RIGHT MESSAGE in the RIGHT MARKETS at the RIGHT TIME reaching the RIGHT BUYERS  to Get YOUR HOME SOLD.

For buyers, my approach leverages established agent relationships with expert negotiation and positioning to win in this competitive marketplace.

Let me put my expertise to work for you!

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Peter Aratari

To capture the best deals, you need a skilled agent on your side.

View my client case stories below to learn how my experience and expert negotiation can work for you 

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851 Hill Tide Lane

Buyer Representation 

 List Price : $5,999,000.00                                  Sold Price $5,800,000.00


Market Challenges :

  • Highly competitive buyer marketplace 
  •  The developer wanted a leaseback for one year of this model home for a purchase price below the list price.
  •  Market values rising on a daily basis as inventory continued to tighten and material shortages for new construction homes pushed prices up 
  • 19 Homesites -  16 SOLD 

Results:  Bought  199,000 under list price fully furnished  and closed in 30 days

Click here for a video tour of this beachfront retreat

5420 Almar

Seller Representation 

Estimated Market Value: $450,000 -$505,000 from other realtors                         Sold Price: $565,400

A Boater-Anglers Dream Home

Market Challenges 

  • 1. No comparable resales to support the list price.
  • 2. Mixed neighborhood  consisting of newer construction home and manufactured homes
  • 3. Covid- Market Stutter
  • 4. Late High Season Launch 


This home sold for $55,400 more than the estimated market value of  $450,000, $495,000, and $505,000 from the top-selling teams in PGI. The seller felt the other realtor's CMA was too low and my estimated market value was too high. She expected her home would sell between $525,00 to $530,000.  I was able to get her home under contract for $40,000 more than she expected. We closed at  $565,400.00 with no supporting resales and temporary market shutdown from  Co-Vid after just being listed for 3 weeks.

Seller's Advice: 

 "Sit back and Relax and Tamina will take care of everything. "  Best Realtor Ever"

Client experience -Joyln Lord

Luxury Retreat

Sold before I listed it on the MLS  to my private network of buyers

 Previous List Price: $ 445,000.00          Sold Price: $430,000.00

Seller and Buyer Representation

Record High Sale:

 $30,000 over recent sales for this floorplan selling between $385,000 - $398,000.

After 54 days on the market with no offers, The Lanes knew they needed to make a change. They both looked at each other one morning and realized they had made a mistake and called Tamina to list their home. 

They had given Tamina an extended listing agreement until the end of the year. They felt their chances of selling before they returned to their summer home was unlikely at the price and terms they needed to walk away. There were only 4 weeks left of the high selling season before buyers returned home after Easter.


  1. The condo market was soft with resales for this floor plan with water views averaging $385,000 - $390,000 with a record high sale of $398,000 in the same building with similar upgrades and highly desired premium features, sold by me off the market during the slow summer season in 2018 off-market.
  2. The property needed to be sold furnished - $40,000 in furnishings 
  3. No resales to support the previous list price of $445,000. or walk away price of $430,000.00
  4. Possible assessment of $4100.00 for additional land purchase by the community 
  5. The property was over-improved when comparing to recent resales.

 Appraisal Challenges: There were no recent sales to support this record high sale price and the contract had a financing contingency

The appraiser expressed his concern this property might not appraise based on his initial review of resales. By providing detailed resale knowledge and why those units sold for less. The condo appraised for the purchase price, and we were able to move to close.


Working with buyers looking for a harbor-front condo only,  I brought them to preview this condo I was bringing on the market. Recognizing the exceptional value of this property, they made an offer. The buyers and sellers agreed to a purchase offer of  $420,000 plus $10,000 for the furnishings before I could list it on the MLS.  The sellers netted $15,000 more than they wanted to walk away and closed by the end of the high-selling season, which is what they were hoping for and did not expect to achieve. 

Click here to see this record high sale

Seller Needed a Certain Price Point & Closing Date

 List Price: $325,000.                                   Sold Price: $320,000  3 offers 

Charleston South- The Essence of Tropical Living

Seller Representation -

Challenges :

  • No comparable resales to support the list price.
  • 8 lower-priced comparables supporting a square ft price of $285,000.
  • Sister property bank foreclosure listed at $274,000.
  • Location of this condo directly behind the community pool resulting in 50 loss of buyer due to perceived lack of privacy.
  • Fellow Realtors felt the property was overpriced.

Seller advice: "She knew the competition and how our condo compared to others, and she convinced potential buyers and fellow realtors of the value of our condo. Most importantly, I believe her conviction to the value and how she expressed this during the process helped to find buyers and to ultimately make us very happy with the final results. I would recommend Tamina to anyone!   Zillow rce1295

How I did it!

The successful outcome of this property was due to implementing a market approach to establish value which offset the square footage price along with overcoming a soft saturated condo market with highly effective marketing campaigns and creating a competitive environment amongst buyers driving the market value up to arrive at my seller's desired selling price.  

2120 Gulfview

List Price $425,000.00.                              Sold Price: $415,000

Buyer Representation

Won Bidding War

Premium waterfront home located residing on the Yacht Channel with immediate out to the harbor. 

Challenges:  There was an existing offer on the property, and our initial bid was lower than the existing offer. The sellers were not responding to the offers from my buyer, and the other buyers offer to negotiate a lower price on the property than the list as the home was a teardown and the value was the land with no resales to support the list price.

How we won: By strategically outmaneuvering the other buyer anticipating their next bid and relentless follow up with the sellers' agent.

Results : 3 offers and we won on the 3rd offer.

They Needed to Sell Before They Could Buy and lost faith.

Record High Sale for the Seller: $362,000 Record Low Buy for the Seller:  $370,000

The resales of this floor plan sold between  $385,000 - $430,000 with 2 Garages.

Buyer and Seller Representation -

Tapped on the shoulder after missing our high selling season in 2019 listed with another agent. The owners of  9935 hired me to sell their condo to move to a larger condo in the same complex requiring a contingency on the sale of their property not under contract.


  • The condo market was soft in this resort community with only 7 sales in the quarter of 2019
  • 16 condos on the market during our slow summer season
  • Possible assessment of $4100.00 for additional land purchase by the community 
  • The property was over-improved 
  • The sellers wanted to buy a specific condo in Vivante requiring a contingency of the sale of the buyer's home currently not under contract and a certain price.
  • No open house allowed due to the gated community


The condo market was soft with record low sales in Vivante during the high season with only 1 sale during the summer below market value. 

They had lost faith they could get the price they needed to sell with a realtor and decided to sell it themselves and did not renew their listing agreement with me.

2 weeks after the listing expired. I brought the buyer to purchase their condo at their desired purchase price and got them under contract on the only condo they wanted to relocate to in Vivante at a record low price for that floorplan with 2 garages.

" We are very excited! You did it!  The Buda's

Click here to view this listing 

10436 Sherman

Buyer Representation -

They needed to buy at a certain price in a highly competitive market.

 List Price : $999,000.00                            Sold Price: $952,000 5695,4000

Challenges:  Inventory was low with premium waterfront homes going under contract with multiple offers at list price or more and a cash buyer was scheduled to look at the house the following day before our offer was submitted.

 This was the only home on the market located in a waterfront neighborhood with strong appreciation minutes to Lemon Bay. The home had already been reduced by $200,000.00 to accommodate additional updates needed in the home and the seller was firm at $999,000.00

The sellers were exploring their options whether they should buy an existing home or build one and had to make a decision quickly.


My buyer's preferred purchase price was significantly less than the list price with a financing contingency.  We were able to successfully outmaneuver a cash buyer coming in to look at the property the following day. We submitted their offer   at the price and terms they were looking for which included an additional  $48,0000 price reduction.

Read Dave and Jeannine buying experience  here and what advice they have for you

Private Sale (Not on MLS)

This tropical retreat made them move. They bought with $11,000.00 equity in a competitive market.

 List Price : $239,000.00.                            Sold Price:$239,000.00

Buyer and Seller Representation 

This unique turnkey tropical retreat, complete with an oversized garage and separate storage room, was perfect for the Fosters who were not actively looking to buy. Recognizing the exceptional value, this turnkey resort-style property moved them into action. 

What made this condo such a  unique offer on the market was the oversized garage generally only available with larger condo selling for $370 or more with a separate storage room valued at 10k. The buyers needed to liquidate some real estate investments to move forward with putting this condo under contract. My seller was reluctant to tie up his property with a contingency as we were moving into the high season and agreed to a 30-day contingency to get their condo under contract. 

With a 20 day negotiated timeframe to get their home under contract and close within 45 days, my buyers were able to get their home under contract and close with 45 days with $11,000 in equity at closing.

Results:  SOLD AT SELLERS ASKING PRICE - APPRAISED AT $250,000.00 11,000 over asking price.

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